HBS Designs works with our clients to execute the planning, design, and construction of projects. We take pride in our ability to stay within our clients’ budgets, surpass their vision for what is possible, and deliver exceptional results, unsurpassed quality, and workmanship.

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Services Provided

  • Project Management

  • Product Procurement

  • Bidding and Construction Supervision

  • Building Design & Interior Design

  • Project Budgeting

  • Engineering & Consultant Coordination

  • Exterior & Landscape Design

  • 3D - Modeling rendering

  • Design Team Procurement

  • Conceptual Design

  • Obtaining permits and Inspections

  • Space Planning

    HBS Design Phases

    Conceptual Design Phase

    Most projects begin with a site visit and we discuss the scoop of work, needs, budget, schedule, professional design fees, permits and construction costs. At this point, we can develop a plan of action usually involving ordering a survey, soils report, and preparing or acquiring as built existing drawings and site analysis then we can begin examining various design options. We then look at various options and determine benefits and budgetary considerations.

    Design Development Phase

    Starts by selecting a scheme to develop from our concept phase and begin to define in exact detail; space planning, furniture layouts, room dimensions, window size and locations, structural and mechanical systems all are located in this phase. Building elevations, interior elevations of kitchens and baths as well as any landscaping or site features are all drawn in this phase with building materials are also being selected and called out during this stage.

    Construction Document Phase

    Begins by adding all the information necessary to the drawings for both city officials and contractors in order to obtain to building permits and release plans for bidding. In this stage we are coordinating plans with engineering consultants for structural, civil and landscape plans. Depending on the complexity of the project, square footage and other details this phase can vary from 3 weeks to 3 months and require anywhere from 8 to 30 drawings.

    Construction Phase

    Begins with obtaining city permits, issuing plans for bidding and can include supervision. On many simpler projects phases are combined and we can be submitting for a building permit within a few weeks, or the project may not require permit submittal.