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HBS Designs is a fully intergraded Real Estate Design, Build and Project Management Company focused on purchasing and remodeling high-end residential and commercial properties.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, HBS invests in and develops its own real estate projects, as well as providing a comprehensive package of advisory services including project management, design oversight, and conceptual development strategy to select clients and investors.

Founder Herbert Bass Steidle has over 30 years experience in all aspects of commercial properties and high-end residential single family, multifamily homes, and condominiums from ground up construction to remodels, specializing in authentic restoration projects with modern upgrades. In 2011, Herb was profiled in Arizona’s Item Magazine and described as “a California designer that took Scottsdale by storm.”

HBS brings impeccable attention to every detail of its projects, from providing organized and efficient design layouts, to scheduling, plan designs, and working with interior designers and architects, and has many years of experience interviewing and reviewing construction bids.

HBS has its own resources located throughout Los Angeles to create and fabricate custom pieces for its clients. It employs a team of seasoned professionals and artisans versed in all aspects of the construction industry, many of who have been working with HBS for decades.

Through the projects it has procured and completed, HBS has gained a reputation for excellence in the very competitive Los Angeles and Southwest markets.

Herbert Steidle

Principal, Design & Construction


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Herbert Bass Steidle – Principal, Design & Construction

As the founder of HBS Designs in 2003, Herb Steidle has developed a dynamic portfolio of multifamily and commercial properties. In addition to his success in the hospitality and marketing industry, Herb has acquired and developed a collection of multifamily properties throughout Southern California serving as lead project manager & designer. A Los Angeles native and graduate of UCLA, Herb oversaw the purchasing, and remodeling of interior and exterior residential and income properties in Los Angeles and Scottsdale, Arizona with the highest sales per sq ft on all remodels in both states. Setting sales records, he was featured in “Item Magazine” as “A California designer that took Scottsdale by storm.” Herb’s California sales averaged from $850,000 to $6.5 million. Herb worked and trained with the City of Burbank’s senior building inspector from 1992 to 2002.

Charles Cherubin – Head of Construction Operations

Charles Cherubin teamed up with Herb Steidle in March 1990. Charles, joined HBS Designs in March 2004. His background in both residential and commercial construction soundly complements HBS Designs real estate development concepts and product types. During his tenure at HBS, Charles has been instrumental and responsible for the design collaboration and construction of over 58 residential projects and multifamily units. In his role, he has managed budgeting, schedule, master planning and construction. Prior to joining HBS, Charles was a Project Manager for Elster Development, a construction building company, managing all aspects of construction projects, including budgeting, procurement, scheduling, and quality control. Charles went on to oversee and maintain multiple high-end home sites from the ground up and complete restoration remodels. Charles coordinates and supervises all field operations, acts as liaison between architect, engineer and subcontractors, obtains permits and inspection approvals. Charles worked for the Allen Williams Corporation on the development of Virgin Grand Hotel and completed two hotel projects. (Virgin Grand St. John, U.S. V.I. Virgin Grand St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.) In May 2008 Charles, Founded Square One Construction, Inc.

Cary Marlow – Construction Operations Coordinator

Marlow was a 17-year senior building inspector, with a great deal great of building knowledge, with a background in both residential and commercial construction. His experience serves the team to great advantage. As the Senior Building Inspector for the City Of Burbank: Herb Steidle and Cary Marlow teamed up in 1992 to start working together on several multi-million dollar luxury homes and commercial projects in Los Angeles & Scottsdale Arizona, with Marlow serving as a general contractor on projects such as Universal City Walk, Saddle Ranch Restaurant City Walk, and The JP Getty Museum. He makes an earth-bound component to the team.

Michael Shurtleff- Conceptual Design

Michael A. Shurtleff- joined the team of HBS Designs in June 2011. Michael has over 18 years of experience that spans a range of building types from residential, commercial, to classic and modern interiors. Michael’s architectural degree is from Syracuse University and his travels throughout Europe have been the influence of his design aesthetic and process. This design process reflects in buildings and spaces that illustrate the design intent, accommodates the needs of the client, and compliments the contextual landscape of HBS Designs concepts.

Guy Turner – Architecture - GT Architecture

Guy Turner teamed with HBS Designs in January, 2012. GT Architecture is the brainchild of Guy Edward Turner, a Los Angeles native, who developed a love of architecture at a young age and studied it at Phoenix Institute of Technology. Turner worked in the largest structural engineering firm in Arizona as a draftsman where he worked with wood, steel, and concrete for a number of architects. It was there where he picked up his B.S. in architecture from Arizona State University. Guy returned to Los Angeles in 1990, to work as a designer for the noted RTKL Architects.

Guy assisted with design on numerous hotels, shopping malls, and mixed-use projects including Universal Studios, Marriott Laguna Niguel, Fashion Island, and Pine Avenue Mall. Guy Turner offers full architectural services from concept design to construction drawings and expedition of permits. He specializes in new construction, additions, remodels and restorations projects, hillside and contemporary design for HBS Designs. Turner had many influences and enjoys the open plan integrating nature with the house. His emphasis is also on environmental factors, user needs, and a sense of fun, which he believes are at the cornerstone of every design solution.

Construction & Design

HBS Designs and the Construction team works in tandem with the clients Acquisitions & Development projects to execute the planning, design, and construction of HBS Designs projects and investments. The Design & Construction team also provides project management and advisory services to their clients. The Design & Construction team has expertise in the teamwork necessary to make any planning needs a reality. That’s what makes HBS a full-service entity that services the most demanding or complex of needs! Schedule a meeting today!

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